Our Imagination Stations:

Our fixed areas - or as we like to call them “imagination stations” include a Shop, Building site, Beauty salon, Home, Veterinary practice, and Space Station.  Each area has a range of toys to help your Tiny Treasure to develop social skills and an understanding of the world around them. We are proud to use a range of high quality resources both from reputable toy stockists and every day items that incorporate a range of colours, letters and shapes for the children to learn from, whilst kindling their imaginations.

The Beauty Salon

Come on in to the salon - get your hair done, check your reflection in the mirrors or become a beautician and try new hairstyles and make up on our hairdressing head!

Building Site

Make sure you put on your High vis before you come on site!

Help out with some plumbing, build a wall, mix the cement and do some carpentry on the work bench, make sure you are careful with all the tools!

Can you connect the pipes to make the water flow through them properly?


Come home, make some dinner in the kitchen, do the cleaning and look after the babies.  Don’t forget to write the shopping list to take to the shop and call the vets to book in your pet for an appointment!

Space Station

Join the mission to the moon! climb aboard the space station, help to move the moon rocks, take a turn at mission control pressing all the important buttons and put the numbers in to the launchpad.

Don’t forget to put on your astronaut suit too!

Treasure Town Shop

Grab a shopping trolley and buy your healthy foods for taking home, or become a store team member and weigh and checkout the produce.  

Don’t forget to pay before leaving with your produce.

Check out the real conveyer belt and the ice cream counter!

Vets Practice

Head to the vets with your pets, check out the animal x-rays, look after the sick creatures and help them get better with all the bandages, and medical instruments in our surgery.

Special Guest Areas Planned for 2018 / 2019:

Music studio - Play some tunes and create a band!

Christmas Trees - Decorate the trees and get ready for the festive season!

Pack your bags and board the plane - We’re off on holiday

Post office - Post your letters and buy some stamps

Become a pirate and board the Treasure Hunter!

Lets go camping!